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“Finally… Now You Can Have Frameless Glass Doors Or Windows To Improve Your View, Expand Your Living Space And Enjoy Your Balcony All Year Round… Without Having To Worry About The Weather!”

Why Glass Curtains?

Protect Your Home From Weather Without Losing Your View

Are you trying to protect their balcony or outdoor area from the weather, dust, leaves, rain or severe storms without losing your view?

Access your balcony or patio all year round with weather protection from your new glass curtains.

Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Home

Are you worried that your home just won’t ‘look good’ with big glass frame doors across the balcony or patio?

Frameless glass curtains look modern, elegant and “seemless” … to give your home a more contemporary look and feel.

Expand Your Living Space

Would you like to expand your living space and improve the ‘feel’ of your home?

Adding your balcony or patio as additional living space will literally transform the look and feel of your home.

Expand Door and Window Space

Glass curtain are completely ‘frameless’… allowing you to enjoy the entirety of your doorway or window openings.

No more ‘closed-in’ feeling with traditional framed windows and doors. Gain a whole new feel to your internal living space.

Gain A Whole New Room

Add an entire ‘new room’ to your home by expanding your internal living space with glass curtains on your balcony or patio.

In winter it’ll become a nice sunroom to warm up in and read a good book… and in summer you can keep your air-con going while sitting outside and enjoying the view!

Keep The Breezes Flowing

Glass curtains allow you to keep breezes flowing through your home by being able to be folded back against the doorway.

They’re easy to fold back thanks to the revolutionary tracking system which helps the glass panels glide rather than having to be ‘pushed’.

Add Value To Your Home

Glass curtains open up your internal living space to essentially give you a new ‘room’ within your home. This can increase your property’s value and be a big plus when it comes time to sell.

Less Cleaning, More Living

By enclosing your balcony with glass curtains you’ll minimise the amount of dust, dirt and debris landing on the balcony, not to mention your outdoor furniture!

This means less sweeping, mopping and wiping dust and dirt off everything.

Enjoy Your Balcony All Year Round

Glass curtains protect your balcony from weather so you can use your balcony and enjoy those beautiful views even during winter months!

Make your balcony your sunroom in winter and in summer you can sit on your balcony with the air-con going… How amazing would that feel?

What Are The Alternatives To Glass Curtains?

Well, you could get some cheap and nasty plastic Café blinds which flap in the wind. Or you could get some Plantation shutters which restrict your view.

You could install fixed glass panels but it would block your breeze, or you could get some louvres but you’d lose your view.

Timber doors fade and splinter over time and require more maintenance. They can make your house appear older unless you’re constantly re-staining the wood, but who wants to spend their weekends staining all those timber frames?

And powder-coated doors tend to corrode over time no matter what you do, particularly if you’re on the ocean.

Glass looks modern and elegant when it’s frameless! That’s the beauty of glass curtains.

Common Questions About Glass Curtains

Are Glass Curtains Strong Enough For Heavy Winds?

Glass curtains are strong enough even for severe storms. The thick glass panels and secure installation ensures your home is weather protected from pretty much whatever Mother Nature can dish out!

What About Home Security?

Glass curtains not only look good but they’re also very secure. They not only keep out strong winds and storms but also unwanted visitors!

The panels lock together to form a strong barrier, and can only be opened from the inside, which ensures your home and belongings stay safe.

Is The Glass Easy To Clean?

Yes. You can either clean the glass while it’s fully open or fold the panels in and clean them that way. From the outside, you might choose to just hose the glass down to remove any dust that may have settled on the glass.

The time you’ll save in not having to sweep and mop the balcony (and outdoor furniture) will make cleaning the glass a breeze!

Are There Any Major Building Alterations Needed To “Hold Up” The Glass Curtains?

Unlike other more expensive options that are much much heavier and require being “top hung” …which needs an engineered beam across the top, glass curtains don’t require any major building works or renovations to be installed.

Is Installation Expensive?

Installation costs form part of your overall quote for your project which will vary from home to home.

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Here are the types of excited comments we hear from customers AFTER they’ve installed glass curtains…

“OMG I have a new room, but I still have my view”  (Graeme, Scarborough QLD)
“I’ll be able to sit out here all year round”   (Monte, Cloudland Apartments QLD)
“I spend more time on the balcony now than inside”  (Lyn, Mount Gravatt East QLD)
“We had Christmas lunch on the balcony for the first time ever”  (M Softly, North Adelaide, SA)
“We’re very happy, everything on the balcony is protected now”  (D&L Underwood, Bulimba QLD)

Why Do Home Owners Love Glass Curtains?

  • To gain a new room and expand internal living space
  • To improve your view
  • To be able to use your balcony all year round
  • To improve your property value
  • To keep the weather out
  • Enjoy an air-conditioned balcony in summer
  • Enjoy your balcony as a sun-room in winter

If you’d like a whole new room without losing your view or your balcony, get in touch with Pat today to arrange a quote…

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